Please note: I have intentionally not put my copyright on this. It was written by me 9/8/18 with some subsequent contributions from Eliza West, Kirsten Hammerstrom, Laura Quintiliani, Maren Lauder, and Ruth Hodges. I left it copyright free to make it easier for other people and groups to take it, use it, adapt it to their purposes. Make whatever changes you or your group see fit. Link back to this page, or not, as you choose. Use this! That's what's most important.
We are all here at this site/event for the same purpose, to portray events that happened here in the past for the benefit of the public, and for our own enjoyment. We agree to follow the site's rules for fire safety, gunpowder and weapon safety, curfew, alcohol consumption, and whatever other restrictions they require of reenactors. Just as we have agreed to adhere to standards for our clothing and our kit, it is appropriate that we agree to adhere to standards for our behavior. The standards for our behavior are modern, not period. We are interpreting history, not re-creating historical attitudes to class, gender, or race. We are 21st century people, and 21st century expectations apply.
In its simplest terms, treat everyone else as you would want them to treat you. Don't be a jerk. But to break it down into specifics, and in order for this community to feel welcoming to the largest possible population, we expect everyone to endorse the following standards of behavior. Anyone who cannot adhere to these simple rules will not be invited to future events.
1. I will not let personal politics or philosophy interfere with the goals of education for the public and a pleasant experience for my fellow reenactors. I agree not to allow my pride, ego, personal agenda, ideology, or political affiliation to interfere with my commitment to furthering the mutually agreed-upon goals of the event. I agree to leave modern politics at home.
2. I will not intentionally or knowingly create a hostile environment for others. If I am told that something I have done has offended, frightened, endangered, or upset someone, I will accept that this is so, because they are entitled to have their needs and their feelings respected. When asked to stop doing it, I will stop immediately.
3. I will not use threats, shame, sarcasm, put-downs, guilt-trips, or other forms of nastiness in my dealings with others. I will listen carefully and respectfully. I will not dismiss nor minimize the validity of what others have to say.
4. I will not discriminate against my fellow reenactors. I will not make remarks about anyone else, nor will I discriminate or harass them, on the basis of their race, color, religion, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any other characteristics protected by law. I will make all reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of disabled reenactors.
5. I will respect the unique vulnerability of the under-aged. I will not engage in any inappropriate behaviors with them, neither involving alcohol, other controlled substances, nor sexual activity of any kind. I understand that it is my responsibility to establish the age of fellow reenactors when it is unclear if they are of drinking age. I understand that inappropriate behavior with a minor or giving alcohol to underage persons can be prosecuted by law, and will absolutely not be tolerated by law.
6. I will call out these inappropriate behaviors in others. If I see something, I will say something - either to the offender directly or to an authority figure - a captain, event planner/organizer, or someone I trust. I will stand in solidarity with my fellow reenactors and pledge to stand up to bullies, abusers, and other unpleasant behavior to ensure the safety and comfort of those around me.
7. I will take responsibility for both my actions and my feelings. I have the right to have my feelings respected, I have the right to be heard and understood, I have the right not to feel pressured or browbeaten. I extend the same rights to all other reenactors and to the public.
8. I will do my best to behave with courtesy and civility to everyone I encounter, and to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

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