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Jim Nichols, the farmer, at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation, 1992

Sharon as "Madame Cheney" and Betty Zebooker as her sister "Madame Buck", 1996

"Madame Cheney"

"Madame Cheney" and her sister "Madame Buck", another year.

Kit Foster as the 'fishwife' at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation's Fair.

Two young ladies at the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion 1996

Sandy Cheney at hearth cooking workshop February 2001.

Sue Felshin and Kathleen Sanderson prepare dyers chamomile at the Daniel Webster Birthplace Dyeing Workshop, 2001.

Sharon sings the"Tie-dyeing Indigo Blues" at the Daniel Webster Birthplace Dyeing Workshop, 2001. The finished product was an indigo dyed "bandanno."

Sharon and Gina Gerhard at the Daniel Webster Birthplace Dyeing Workshop, 2001.

A bevy of lovely candle-dippers at the Daniel Webster Birthplace Soap and Candles Workshop, 2001

Sharon presides over the tea table, 2003.

Guests at tea, 2003, include Sandy Spector, Rhonda McConnon, Barbara Delorey and Colleen Humphreys.

The Table laid out for tea, 2004.

Tea party 2004, guests include Carrie Midura, Stephanie Smith and Sue Rowell.

Fireside gossip among Sandy Spector, Deana Peterson, Sue Felshin and Colleen Humphreys

Tea party guests Dot Fisher, Dorothy and Monica Rogers.

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