A Toddler Boy's Wardrobe

Shoes and Stockings

Basic 18th c toddler shoes. Try to find some that look like these red shoes, from the Brooklyn Museum Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Brown and black shoes are also appropriate color choices.http://lacode.ru/media/uploads/2015/07/4444/img4.jpg

For stockings, it is widely recommended among experienced reenactor mothers that tights stay up on a toddler much better than stockings. You will want white tights in a natural fiber, either cotton or wool.

  1. Introduction
  2. Shift
  3. Petticoat
  4. Robe or Gown,and Sash
  5. Shoes and Stockings
  6. Simple Cap
  7. Cold Weather Clothing
  8. Yardage to Buy
  9. List of Documented Links


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