Works: Part 4 Toys and Tools

needlework | food art | fashion | toys and tools

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Sewing tools made and collected by Sharon for new sewing box at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation.

Pear wood busk carved by Bob for Sharon as a betrothal gift in 1985, with hearts, flowers, entwined initials, and other symbols.

Prototype of Mill Farm doll, designed by Sharon, carved by Bob Murray, painted and dressed by Sharon.

Doll in linen shift, checked linen pocket and silk satin petticoat, all hand sewn.

Doll in silk taffeta gown and petticoat.

Coral and bells made by Paul Schoenwetter; teether, rattle, and whistle; of silver, antique recycled ivory and coral.

needlework | food art | fashion | toys and tools

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