A Toddler Boy's Wardrobe

Simple Cap

Cut a piece of white linen (fine or medium weight) 21" x 9". Hem the two long edges with as narrow a hem as you can manage. Join the two short edges together to form a tube roughly 8½" tall and 10" across, sew this seam with a small running/back stitch and then neatly flat-fell it. Gather up one end of the tube in your hand and tie a 12" length of black silk ribbon around it in a bow, about 1" from the end. Fold the other end of the tube up to form a cuff. Try the hat on your boy and fold the cuff up a few more times if the cap seems too large. Small boys are often depicted bare-headed, so it's okay if you cannot keep a hat on him. Other possibilities are child-size versions of a Monmouth cap, a Dutch sailor's knitted cap, or a felt hat, cocked or uncocked.

  1. Introduction
  2. Shift
  3. Petticoat
  4. Robe or Gown, and Sash
  5. Shoes and Stockings
  6. Simple Cap
  7. Cold Weather Clothing
  8. Yardage to Buy
  9. Links of Documented Links


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