A Toddler Boy's Wardrobe

Yardage to Buy

detail of toddler boy from The Pitt Family of Encombe, 1758 and 1761 by William Hoare

For each robe you need a piece 54" long by 28" wide after shrinkage. So 7/8 yd of 54" fabric should do it. You also need about 3/4 yd of 54" white linen (after shrinking) for the shift. For a petticoat, you need a piece 56" x 18 ½" plus a remnant to make a wide waistband. You might be able to get away with a 54" wide fabric, making the petticoat hem 54"around instead of 56". You'll need for the sash a piece of silk (taffeta, faille or the like), 13" wide x 81" long . This can be a remnant or pieced from 3/4 yard of purchased silk.

  1. Introduction
  2. Shift
  3. Petticoat
  4. Robe or Gown, and Sash
  5. Shoes and Stockings
  6. Simple Cap
  7. Cold Weather Clothing
  8. Yardage to Buy
  9. List of Documented Links


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