Baby Linen


How to Make a Basic Essential Layette
for Eighteenth Century Re-enactor Infants

A Final Reminder:

Re-enacting is your hobby, or your life’s passion. This article is intended to help you dress your new baby to join you in pursuit of the "authentic" 18th c. experience.

However, nothing is worth jeopardizing your child’s well-being.

Use these instructions as guidelines, but also use your judgment. Take into consideration your infant’s health and safety requirements, discuss any questions with your pediatrician or other healthcare advisor, and do not hesitate to modify or adapt these guidelines as needed at any time to meet the needs of your baby.

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  1. Cap
  2. Diaper, known in the period as "napkin" or "clout"
  3. Pilch or Pilcher, a diaper-cover
  4. Shirt
  5. Petticoat
  6. Roller, swaddling-band, belly-band, or "surcingle"
  7. Bed gown or robe
  8. Bib, also Drool cloth, burp cloth, the "muckinder"
  9. Stockings, Shoes, Booties
  10. Baby sling, baby carrier
  11. Blanket basket, bedding
  12. Final Reminder


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