Baby Linen


How to Make a Basic Essential Layette
for Eighteenth Century Re-enactor Infants

Some Sources, Cited and/or Useful, on the Subject of 18th Century Baby-Linen

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and a special thank you to Colleen Humphreys and Christina Neitz for sharing the benefits of their invaluable real-world 18th century re-enacting-mom experience!

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  1. Cap
  2. Diaper, known in the period as "napkin" or "clout"
  3. Pilch or Pilcher, a diaper-cover
  4. Shirt
  5. Petticoat
  6. Roller, swaddling-band, belly-band, or "surcingle"
  7. Bed gown or robe
  8. Bib, also Drool cloth, burp cloth, the "muckinder"
  9. Stockings, Shoes, Booties
  10. Baby sling, baby carrier
  11. Blanket, basket, bedding
  12. Final Reminder


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